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Laura Beckwith

Making Commercial Photography Attainable


Laura Beckwith is the co-founder and Managing Director of The Garden Party. Launched in partnership with Judy Casey in 2011, The Garden Party represents multi-disciplinary artists whose talents range from traditional photography, live action, new media, animation, illustration, art direction, murals, set design, and brand ambassador  / influencer work.

She graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  She came to NY in the late 90’s and within a year was starting her career in advertising.  Her experience comes with 19yrs in the business having worked as a studio manager and at five different artists rep agencies.   Her focus is to create a roster that is not based on disciplinary categories but on the authentic talent and voice of the artist.  By showcasing what we do this she allows the client to figure out how to implement what they need for their specific projects.   



How do you cross over into commercial photography?  It doesn’t have to be as overwhelming.   There is a formula and a seasonal promotional calendar that will be shared.  Learning how to promote you authentic voice via social media and using it as a tool to connect with potential clients and audience.

This class is going to remove the mystery and the emotions from building a business in advertising.  Taking a picture is only 10% of what it takes.  The other 90% is what this will focus on.  It is how you get to the final picture is really what an advertising career is about and how to storm the ever changing creative landscape.


Laura's agency - http://thegardenpartynyc.com