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A   P R E - W R K S H P   B O O T C A M P

cost: $300 + WRKSHP ticket

( currently only available WITH A new ticket PURCHASE )

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A one-day, intimate mini-WRKSHP experience with the founders of WRKSHP - Ryan & Heidi from Forged in the North and Lev from Lev Kuperman Photography. This is only available with the purchase of a new WRKSHP ticket. 

When: Wednesday July 11, 2018

Where: Brooklyn, NY

How: $300 + WRKSHP ticket ( link to tickets above )

Who: Currently only available for new ticket purchases (after May 24th). If you are a current ticket holder and are interested in MiniSHP, please email us and let us know! 

What: We will be covering mostly business related topics. Booking more couples. Connecting with other vendors. Marketing, blogs, and vendor listings. Finding your ideal clients. Shooting destination / travel work. Client interaction and delivery. Portfolio reviews. 

**MiniSHP will be capped at 10 people max**





Lev Kuperman has been shooting weddings professionally for almost a decade and comes with a pretty good bullshit meter. He’s been described more than once as “never-compromising and opinionated”  #liveauthentic. His main focus as a photographer is to tell a well-rounded story of a wedding day, complete with all the pretty and not so pretty things that capture how a day feels.

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Wedding Work

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Founded by Ryan & Heidi in 2010, Forged in the North is now a collective of shooters who have the privilege to capture the love between amazing couples all over the world. Their work has focused on capturing the visceral experience of a wedding day, specifically through an effort to capture a sense of place everywhere they shoot. 

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Wedding Work

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-- Questions? Shoot us an email at hello (at) wrkshpwrkshp (dot) com --