Session - Kristen Marie Parker


creating space for emotions


Wedding days can be so rushed. You show up with batteries charged and excitement for what could unfold and then you drive home covered in sweat, shirt no longer tucked in and maybe with the feeling like you didn't get what you needed that day. I got to a point during weddings where I'd be frustrated that couples and the people closest to them weren't emotionally connecting throughout the day and therefore, I wasn't getting that nostalgic and emotional imagery. I figured if I didn't take it upon myself to allow for those moments to happen, or encourage that connection, I may not drive home with that imagery and perhaps there were parts of the day where my client could have felt or processed their day more and didn't. I want to share how we as photographers have the ability to encourage growth and connection between our clients and their loved ones, and to create that space in order to get the imagery of tears, laughter and closeness.



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