WRKSHP is NYC's first photographer led learning community. Get enlightened by an intimate and passionate collective of artists and luminaries from around the world. 


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tl;dr just watch this


"WRKSHP made it easY to learn from the best in the industry and not a feel like just another face in the crowd."

-Jojo & Linda Pangilinan




"What impressed me the most with WRKSHP was how they selected keynote speakers who came from different fields (fine art, music, journalism, street) but spoke so relevantly to an audience of wedding photographers. I found so much value and inspiration hearing how others tell stories and observe life."

-Tony Hughes



"WRKSHP was truly much more of a life changing experience than I ever EXPECTED it to be. The lessons I learned, both formally in class and informally over a beer with new friends, made me a better wife, mother, and photographer. the focus was on the classes and speakers, not about forming social clicks. All the while being chill AF. Excited to come back again this year."

-Cassidy Parker Smith



"the classes I attended inspired some of my best work to date, and I'm so grateful for all of the knowledge I was able to soak up. Can't wait for WRKSHP again this year!"

-Eric Floberg